TrafficWatch is a simple node.js app I wrote after trying to get Ian Harmon’s traffic time-lapse-helper project working in Python for 30min or so on MacOS, I gave up and wrote TrafficWatch in about an hour. There are some arguments that you can specify as well if you want look at something other than Chicago traffic:

  • –name / -n Name for the GIF in the upper-left corner
  • –url / -u URL String for that we will be time-lapsing
  • –interval / -i The time interval (in minutes)
  • –duration / -d The number of minutes to run
  • –gifout / -g The output filename for the GIF
  • –xoffset X Offset for the crop (0 means centered)
  • –yoffset Y Offset for the crop (0 means centered)
  • –font Font for the name and time display in the upper-left corner (default is Arial)
  • –fontsize Size of the text (default is 32)
  • –fontcolor Color of the text (default is #000000b0)
  • –directory Path for the individual screencaps (default is screenshots)
  • –gifdelay The ms delay timer for the GIF animation (default 500)

An example output would look something like this: