Nessus Network Monitor Docker Image

Considering there wasn’t any Nessus Network Monitor docker images that I could find, I decided I’d create one. Using the Nessus Scanner image as a starting point, this image should have a lot of the most common things parameterized out already. As for sniffing traffic, I’d highly encourage you to take a look at one of the earlier posts covering Docker & packet sniffing. Deploying the sensor should be a simple matter of setting up a volume for the sensor data (for persistence), linking it to a promiscuous interface, and then instantiating it:

docker volume create nessus_monitor_var
docker create -v nessus_monitor_var:/opt/pvs/var/pvs \
		--name=nessus_monitor \
docker network connect span nessus_monitor
docker start nessus_monitor

For more detailed information, feel free to take a look at both the Docker Hub page and the Github repo.