Integration User-Agent String Standard Proposal

The more integrations I write the more it becomes apparent that there is no consistency in User-Agent strings for the purposes of identification of whom is making what calls. It’s something that folks are supposed to do with making API calls, yet most folks don’t even bother with it. It creates nothing but issues when the people managing the application you’re talking to doesn’t inform the admins who you are or what you’re doing.

RESTfly API Library

With all of the work thats been done with the pyTenable library, I reached a point where I was using pyTenable’s core APISession, APIEndpoint, and APIIterator classes a lot for external work. It seemed only logical to separate these base classes from pyTenable and wrap them up into their own library to act as a framework for folks looking to build their own API libraries. The end result of this is the new Python RESTfly library, which is focused on providing a basic scaffolding to make writing API libraries similar to pyTenable’s easy and and effective.